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Crane Game Winnings:
76. Magic eight-ball: Who needs a psychic when you've got this?
84. A cross stitch pattern and thread and needle: The guide instructs you on how to stitch the timeless phrase: "Behold, my field of fucks. Look upon it and see that it is barren."
74. A small, functional hand-fan: For those uh-oh summer nights.
88. A packet of instant tattoos: Get edgy, temporarily.
80. Fried-end: A handheld digital friend, just for you! Don't forget to feed it, now.
9. Pork bun: steaming and fresh, ready to be consumed on-site. Consumed on-site.
100. Cherry lipgloss: It tastes delicious, though it's incredibly sticky.
66. A deck of cards: complete with unsettling smiling faces depicted on the back.
43. A black t-shirt: the white text boldly proclaims: "IF YOU DON'T LIKE ANIME, MAYBE YOU'RE JUST TOO BAKA FOR IT".

Promise Ring: A silver ring set with an emerald and a diamond. Matches Meridiana's.
Ninja Turtle Camera: An analog 35 millimeter SLR in hot pink, with sparkly Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles decal stickers. From Roxy.
callbacks: ILLUSTUDIO (girl you got my heartbeat running away)
We Shippy
A Thousand More
Different Galaxies
Dumbfoundead ft. Sam Ock
it's the whole world against us
you can try to stop us but we're going out like gangstas
American Boy
Estelle ft. Kanye West
i like the way he's speaking
his confidence is peaking
don't like his baggy jeans but i'mma like what's underneath it
She's Enough
she's up in my head but never oversteps
she let me know when it's time for us to go to bed
Sweater Weather
The Neighbourhood (Max Schneider and Alyson Stoner Cover)
these hearts adore
everyone the other beats hardest for
inside this place is warm
outside it starts to pour
I Should Tell You
RENT (Adam Pascal and Rosario Dawson)
well, here we go
Come What May
Moulin Rouge! (Simon Casey and Rachel Goode Cover)
storm clouds may gather
and stars may collide
but i love you until the end of time
The Crow
at the first splinters you run to tell geppetto
and in the worst winters the whole thing feels untenable
crow took me by the shoulder
and he told me, honey, don't let go
No Light, No Light
Florence + The Machine
but would you leave me
if i told you what i've done
and would you leave me
if i told you what i've become
Angus Powell
and the ones i long to see
are lost tonight, are lost tonight, are lost tonight
I Don't Wanna Live Forever
Taylor Swift and Zayn Malik
been sitting eyes wide open behind these four walls hoping you'll call
it's just a cruel existence like it's no point hoping at all
We Found Love
Rihanna ft. Calvin Harris
yellow diamonds in the light
and we're standing side by side
as your shadow crosses mine
what it takes to come alive
The Gambler
you swore you'd be here till we decide that it's our time
but it's not time! you never quit in all your life
so just take my hand, you know that i will never leave your side
you're the love of my life, you know that i will never leave your side
If My Heart Was a House
Owl City
if my heart was a compass you'd be north
A Thousand Years
Christina Perri (Mark Mejia ft. Veronica Velasquez Cover)
and all along, i believed i would find you
time has brought your heart to me
Code by Yuff
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Meridiana: BESIDES THE FINGER BLING, Meridiana also gets some cute new winter boots
Dirk: The aforementioned rabbit
Tonika: Does Dave just have a thing about bunnies? Also some oats for Princess Amalthea Isolde the Seventh, Many Be Her Names
Fugo: A tacky strawberry scarf to go with his tacky everything
Giorno: 'Cause FuGio's a set, and to thank him for his help
Kirei: Where did he find all these
Reimi: This headband, but in pink


Jade: What do you want from him, he's destitute after the December birthdays
Karkat: It's a Krabby
John: The Pokémon versions of his favorite Christmas movies
Dirk: Birthday) A set of My Little Ponyta bedsheets
Christmas) A mug that says "World's #1 #2 Bro" on it and a heartfelt remix of Unite Synchronization
Jane: Cute oven mitts
Roxy: A pillow and a big box of the Good chocolates
Terezi: Sweet red replacement shades. Never let it be said he is not a bro.
Penny: Copper penny stockings even though that's kind of a weird gift to get a girl who's basically your adopted sister
Ashley: Various book socks
Rakka: A big, huggable Togekiss plush
Frisk: A Jirachi doll, some macarons, and a card reminding them they can all Save one another from here on out
Ford: Hanukkah) A slip for one (1) free Shuckle egg, as soon as he gets Jade or Karkat's input and/or assistance with breeding a couple of his squad.
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callbacks: MIRRORSHARDS (but rooooooose)


Backtagging: Yes.
Threadhopping: Heck yes.
Fourthwalling: Unlikely, but sure, if you want?
Offensive subjects: No objections OOCly!

Touching this character: He probably won't let anyone but Meridiana touch him for a longo time; if he's initiated contact first, though, chances are he's probably okay with it.
Kissing this character: Yeah no don't even try
Flirting with this character: You can but he's
Fighting with this character: Talk with me ([ profile] asherdashery)! I am not very good at threading fights so I'd like to have an idea what will go down.
Injuring this character: Talk with me, I will almost definitely say yes.
Killing this character: If you want to really upset a sweet Victorian lady... But also, talk with me.
Using telepathy/mind-reading: Absolutely! Dave is pretty much an open book; he has no mental shielding to speak of and no experience masking his emotions in any way that counts. Let me know if you need to know what he's thinking.


Dave is every inch a pop culture gourmet, so chances are, if your character's canon was live on pre-2009 Earth, there's a chance he's heard of it. There's also a chance he's met other members of your character's canon through his connections with [community profile] danganroleplay.

My default state is to keep him from mentioning those things, so if you're worried and don't want him to bring somethng up, I gotcha covered. If you're okay, though, with his knowing and/or mentioning your character's canon as a fictional entity or another world he may have come in contact with at some point, please let me know by filling out the little form at the bottom of this section!

Also, due to Dave's background and his subsequent stay in Dangan Roleplay, triggering content may arise in conversations with him. Such topics include child abuse, child death, murder, and manipulation, among others. You can opt out of any or all such topics below. Comments are screened.

Dave also texts like this with no goddamn punctuation. If you'd prefer not to deal with his walls o' cherry courier, let me know with the form! You can also comment here if you'd prefer I didn't thread with you at all for any or no reason. No hard feelings.

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text . voice . video . action
callbacks: YUMMYTOMATOES (bonk)
[There's a bright little bird...lizard thing minding its own business on a branch, cleaning its feathers and looking around with puzzled curiosity. The owner of the PokéGear sets it standing in the fork of the tree and then starts to creep up the branch with hands and knees, trying to keep his breath quiet. He's a kid, small, small enough for the branch to hold his weight, but it dips and the Archen notices him. As one, they freeze, and then both leap at once, the Archen away and the boy towards it, in a crush of squawking and leaves and confusion.

The PokéGear falls, too, thudding to the grass amid the cries of Pokémon, and it's hard to tell what's happened for a minute until a Gallade comes to pick it up. He's balancing a four-year-old blond boy on his hip while a Togetic hovers in dismay, everyone dusty from the fall, but the kid squirms in the Gallade's hold and beams without smiling from behind his very familiar shades. Proud and apparently unhurt, Dave holds up a PokéBall towards the 'Gear.]

I caughted it.

[Wart the Gallade turns the camera to his own desperate, exasperated, bewildered face.]

Help me.

((Kiddo Dave replies will come from [personal profile] knightoftimeout!))
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[You'd think Dave would have learned his lesson about anonymity, but maybe learning doesn't stick so well at ass in the morning when he can't sleep. At least it doesn't seem like he's really trying to mask his identity, here. It's just...a plausible deniability thing, maybe. Probably, given the content of his message.]

what was growing up like for you
how was your childhood
were you happy
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[The video starts on an unsure-looking Kirlia. He starts to edge away, but Dave--apparently behind the camera--speaks.]

Naw, go ahead, dude. C'mon. Don't be shy.

[The Kirlia sighs, extremely put upon, and then ballet-toes back into place. There's a Dawn Stone on the floor nearby; the Kirlia bends primly at the waist to pick it up, and:


Wart the Gallade examines his arm-blades for a moment, then shoots Dave a look as if to say, "If we're quite done now." Dave chuckles quietly.]

Yeah, yeah, thanks for humoring me, bro. The moment has been secured for posterity. Duty discharged. [The relief on the Gallade's face is palpable before Dave turns the camera towards his own movie star mug. Hello, Johto.]

So, hey. I get that baby's first evolution is probably ancient headwear for most of you, but he's the first guy I got all the way to his final form. That's worth some kind of jokey home video.

[Yeah, because he's obviously being ironic about this. He's not Proud Dadding all over his starter, no sirree.]

Anyway, I've been hearing about a bunch of different evolutionary paths our Poképals can take, and, I dunno. I'm curious, I guess. If you ever made a choice like that, what made you pick one way or the other?
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[Cleared font formatting, check. Autocorrect, check. Masked I.D., triple check. Dave's been wrestling with this question for over a week, and he's no closer to an answer than he was eight days ago. No closer than he was three years ago.

Where's Dear Abby when you need advice?]

Have you ever been in a situation
Where you knew something somebody else didn't
And you weren't sure if you should tell them or not
Like you knew that if they found out they'd be really upset but there's also nothing they could do about it
And you don't want them to blame themselves
Get mad at you
But pretending it didn't happen feels
I don't know
A lot like lying I guess
What would you do in those circumstances?

I'm asking for a friend.
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[Whoa, what's this? A video post from our resident red-texter? The young man in the feed doesn't have much of a facial expression behind his shades, but he seems pleasantly keyed-up somehow, anyway--maybe it's something in the way he bounces as he flops into his chair.]

I was going to ask if there's some kind of survivalist secret Santa for birthdays around here, or if a Pokémon takes care of it. Like, maybe there's just a widespread anonymous cultural practice of delivering rope and hardtack to someone's door on the anniversary of their exiting utero.

[The corner of his mouth slides up a bit.]

But then I discovered the most important item I've yet received here in Pokéworld. Ladies and gentlemen...

[He turns the camera to reveal a Ralts in a scarf probably twice as long as it is tall. It's holding what looks like the kind of cheap wind-up Electabuzz toy you'd find at the bottom of a child's fast food box.]

The Happiny MealTM toy.

[Dave is so stoked. The Ralts, more bemused than anything else, winds it up and seems surprised when it rattles across the desk. It crouches to watch the toy more closely as Dave pulls the view back to himself, still practically bursting (you know, for him) with ironic amusement.]

Anyway, since I've got all this kit now, does anyone in the Violet City neck of the woods want to go check out those ruins? I know it's basically freezing and all, but they're not supposed to be too far out, and. [He shrugs.] They sound all right.

[Meaning he really, really wants to go see them, and it is his birthday.]
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you know
if she were my REAL mom
i bet she wouldnt have kicked me out of the house with just one lunchbox for a THREE DAY FUCKIN SLOG
i mean what the fuck!
she didnt even present me with a lovingly handstitched sweater with which to brave the elements out here which i might add are somewhat less than ideal at the moment
i mean jesus
the shirt she packed me doesnt even have sleeves??
how much transdimensional video game relocation bullshit does a guy have to go through to get some partway decent parental supervision going on
youd think a franchise literally designed for four year olds would be more kid friendly
come on wheres the endless supply of crustless pb and js that oughta be in my inventory
where are my hard earned vanilla dunkaroos
even my little psychic helmet guy knows this is prime horseshit i can tell by the faint look of pity and abject confusion on the visible sliver of his face every time he looks at me
right little buddy
yeah he gets it
do i look like a young man with the know how to forage for edibles in the eight bit rainforest
of course not

[This is text. He doesn't look like anything, except red. Red and text. A lot of both.]

if you threw an apple at my face right now i probably wouldnt even recognize the fresh produce
thats how long ive been cooling my heels in fakey realchemized space ration hell
do they have apples here even
omfg if i literally bled for this shit and even the weird nintendo wet dream nerd bubble lacks the means to provide me a consolatory glass of aj for the travesty thats been my life im gonna
well im gonna just shut up and deal with it like i have for the past three years i guess
but youll all know im not happy about the situation


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Partners: Penny Polendina, Jade Harley, Karkat Vantas, Rakka, Jane Crocker, Dirk Strider, Ashley Williams
Current Location: Goldenrod City
Current Job: Coffeeshop/Bookstore Barista (5 hrs./day)
Cash: P28,300 I give up keeping track of this, he's poor student-y
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You don't want tags in daves kind of obnoxious red punctuationless typing quirk, feel free to let me know here! I will always accommodate. Also, if you don't want tags from Dave at all, that's cool, too. Comment screening is on.

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text . voice . video . action

Please note the date and time of day for me!


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